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How Many People Can You Unfollow on Instagram? Frequently Answered

If your account is relatively old, you are usually only permitted to unfollow 200 users per day.

If you have a new account, the number drops to less than 100 users per day.

Sadly, the numbers are not as straightforward as they first appear.

You are allowed to unfollow 200 users per day, but doing so continuously for several hours could get you into trouble.

Do you get sick of seeing useless posts on Instagram?

Possibly unfollowing users who post spam or things you find boring is another thing you should do.

How to avoid being blocked for mass unfollowing? What are the alternatives to unfollowing Instagram accounts? Continue reading.

How Many People Can You Unfollow on Instagram Per Hour?

Instagram has the right to restrict a user’s ability to engage in functions including “commenting,” “liking a lot of posts” and “following other users.”

Whether a user’s account is public or private, Instagram can be strict, especially if it suspects spamming, the use of bots, spam accounts, fake accounts, or ghost followers in place of real people.

The general rule is to refrain from doing too much in a short amount of time.

The amount of fake Instagram engagement the platform receives is capped at each action you take.

The daily limitations (daily limits) for each Instagram activity have not been made public.

How many people you can unfollow on Instagram is a topic that has come up as a result of the years-long sharing of personal experiences by numerous users, which gives us a sneak peek into the topic.

You must take care to limit the number of accounts you unfollow each day to 200 (new accounts less than three months old) and 700 reports.

Keep your unfollow limit to less than 60 per hour with a gap of 25–30 seconds to prevent having your account shadowbanned.

Be aware that an Instagram temporary ban typically lasts from a few hours to 48 hours. You may receive a permanent ban if you keep carrying out the same actions.

The social media site also places a cap on the number of likes an Instagram user can give, in addition to how many people they can unfollow.

Is There Any Way to Bypass These Limits?

The Instagram-imposed unfollow limits are unfortunately insurmountable.

On the other hand, as long as you use Instagram in a natural and humane way, you’ll notice that these gradually rise over time. Keep in mind that restrictions are based on 24-hour blocks, not on calendar days.

In actuality, the unfollow restrictions weren’t really implemented to limit unfollows. They serve more as a tool to combat spam and other obnoxious behaviors that interfere with average users’ use of Instagram.

Factors That Decide the Unfollowing Limit for Your Account

Instagram, like other social media platforms, gives its trusted users a slight advantage and benefit, but it is still challenging to ascertain which users it actually regards as trustworthy.

According to our research, accounts with the features listed below are given some leeway when it comes to various terms of use, particularly the unfollow cap.

Account Activity

One of the key components to ensuring reliability on the platform is account activity.

To be taken seriously on Instagram, you must be a frequent user.

The previous activities of your account have a big impact on building trust.

Your account should be clear of any shady activity and should not have been temporarily banned.

Your profile status could be downgraded as a result of any prior warnings or bans, and you wouldn’t be able to benefit from the privileges associated with being a reliable user.

Any such behavior that could be the basis for a ban should be avoided.

You will be given advantages over others as long as you continue using the platform manually and in accordance with the suggested terms of use.

Number of Followers

Another important element in obtaining Instagram benefits is the number of engaged followers.

Instagram views you more favorably the more followers you have.

However, the Instagram users who follow you must be active.

The majority of people mistakenly believe that by buying Instagram followers, they have turned into reliable Instagram influencers.

Because of its sophisticated algorithm, Instagram can detect any such activity and impose bans rather than enhancing the profile.

The deciding factors for gaining genuine followers are still good content and user interaction, even though these purchases are effective at gaining people’s trust.

User’s Engagement

The majority of the time, Instagram pushes content for the appropriate audience in the search bar that has the highest user engagement.

But this is not the only advantage these accounts receive; you might also notice that they are highlighted in various search results and that they show up in your suggested followers.

The primary determinants of user engagement on Instagram are the quantity of likes and comments.

However, in order to determine the user engagement score, Instagram also takes into account a few fundamental features.

These fundamental attributes include how long a user spends on a post, how many DMs they receive, how many stories they share, etc.

You can anticipate some benefits from Instagram if your account has a high user engagement rate, but you must adhere to Instagram’s Terms of Service (TOS) and must not break any of their key clauses.

Account’s Age

One of the most crucial elements for building trust and raising the maximum unfollow limit is the age of your account.

The number of followers you have or the amount of engagement you receive are irrelevant.

You already don’t meet the requirements for the extra benefits if your account isn’t old enough.

Instagram states in its TOS that any accounts that have been active on the platform for more than three months will be deemed to be “old accounts.”

Any such account that does not meet the requirements is still fairly new and must avoid any improper behavior at all costs.

Type of Account

Another significant element that is crucial to building trust on Instagram is the type of account you have.

A business account without a privacy feature enabled typically receives more exposure than a personal account.

There are three types of accounts available on Instagram: personal, creator, and business. Each is designed to fulfill a specific function.

Personal accounts are typically utilized for individual needs.

The use of creator accounts by influencers contrasts with the use of business accounts for work-related purposes.

Our analysis shows that creator and business accounts are slightly superior to individual or personal accounts.

You should therefore make accounts that fit into one of those two categories, as we highly recommend.

You are forced to use individual accounts if, however, you joined Instagram for personal amusement and are concerned about your privacy.

How Many People Can You Unfollow on Instagram Frequently Answered
How Many People Can You Unfollow on Instagram? Frequently Answered

Avoid Being Blocked for Mass Unfollowing

Don’t worry if you need to unfollow hundreds or even thousands of people.

This will occasionally occur, as Instagram is aware of. However, even with that in mind, you still need to have a plan in place to avoid being mistaken for a spammer by their algorithm.

So as to avoid being blocked from unfollowing, banned, or shadowbanned, we advise adhering to these rules.

Avoid Unfollowing in Any Sort of Pattern

Among the significant ones is this one.

Instagram has very sophisticated systems in place to distinguish between normal human behavior and behavior that might be carried out by a bot or other automated software.

They search extensively for patterns, which is one of the main things.

As an illustration, it may be viewed suspiciously if you unfollow exactly 50 people each hour.

So, you should avoid following the same number of people each time, at the same time of day, or continuously following until you hit your limit

Unfollow Manually in the Instagram App

We advise carrying out all of your unfollowing from the Instagram app, if at all possible.

This implies that you do not carry out any of the unfollowing using social media software or automated tools or bots.

Nowadays, even if you are using the software for legal purposes and are not using it in any spammy ways, your account may still be banned by Instagram due to the platform’s strong bot detection.

Being that this is how most users browse and interact on Instagram, unfollowing via the Instagram mobile app is the most secure choice.

Using bots on mobile devices is much more difficult than it is on computers, as Meta (the company that owns Instagram) is also aware. Therefore, even if you frequently browse Instagram on your PC, we advise unfollowing as soon as it’s possible through the mobile app.

Continue Posting as Normal

Instagram’s automated system checks to see if you’re a legitimate account when you unfollow a lot of users, especially if you’re getting close to the daily unfollow limits.

Continue posting your own, authentic photos as usual as this will help demonstrate that you are an actual Instagram user and not a bot.

If at all possible, refrain from reposting other people’s photos (or even images from the internet), as this is typical bot behavior.

Don’t Engage in ‘Follow-For-Follow’ Activities

You should refrain from taking any action that contravenes Instagram’s rules if you don’t want to get in trouble with them.

Instagram specifically monitors for follow-for-follow or “follow / unfollow” activities because they can be viewed as manipulative and spammy conduct.

Therefore, if you are engaging in this kind of behavior, you are much more likely to run into issues when exceeding Instagram’s unfollow limits.

In any case, following and unfollowing Instagram users will only occasionally result in their engaging with your content. This may be more detrimental than beneficial in today’s highly algorithmic feeds.

Instagram will assume that a post is of low quality if it is shown to a specific follower and they don’t interact. This can prevent your other, real followers from ever seeing it in the first place.

Continue Browsing and Using Instagram as Normal

It’s still a good idea to browse Instagram as you normally would during your periods of mass unfollowing, even if you have no plans to post any pictures.

The fact is that Instagram keeps track of almost everything you do on the site.

They carefully craft your feed to maintain interest and keep track of how long you spend reading each post. They closely monitor your interests, the posts you interact with, and how it differs from your previous platform usage.

They can therefore fairly accurately determine whether account browsing is being done by you or by software that is posing as you.

Instagram will know that you are a real person if you continue to use the app normally.

Tip: If you are going to use software to automatically unfollow people, most of them recommend turning the software off before browsing. It is considered risky to use Instagram while automated software is running because it will stand out even more.

Alternatives to Unfollowing Instagram Accounts

Other techniques can be used to curate the information in your news feed and improve user experience. Here are your choices.

Mute Accounts

By doing this, you can keep a user on your list of followed accounts while removing their content from your feed. Clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of any of their posts will bring up the mute option. You can quickly unmute them if you change your mind later.

Blocking An Account

You can ensure that a user won’t be able to find you on Instagram or contact you if it’s critical for your emotional well-being and peace of mind by blocking them. You are not required to put up with any Instagram user’s harassment, spamming, or trolling. If reporting them does not solve the problem, don’t hesitate to declare them “persona non grata,” on your account, at least.

When you block an account, that person will not be able to find you on the platform. This implies that they won’t be able to read your posts or leave comments or direct messages for you.

Be More Selective

Look through a user’s profile before clicking the follow button. Make sure you share interests with them and that you will find their content useful. You won’t need to later unfollow Instagram accounts if you do it this way.

Keep An Eye Out for Fake Accounts Or Ghost Followers

Unfortunately, there are a ton of fake or inactive accounts on Instagram. These accounts are actually bots that are usually used to artificially inflate the number of followers on another profile. On Instagram, bots are strictly forbidden. Feel no pressure to immediately follow someone who follows you back. Do your research once more and make sure your new follower is a real person.

Why Does Instagram Restrict People from Unfollowing?

Instagram is a social media site where people of various racial backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions congregate and make friends.

The platform must therefore take all necessary precautions to ensure that the platforms are kept clean.

There are more than eight billion users on Instagram, and a large number of them post, follow, comment, like, etc. on the platform.

Most users of this platform also use it for calling and chatting.

As a result, the company limits any mass actions, like excessive unfollowing, to ensure that only quality content is shared among the Instagram community.

What Takes Place When We Unfollow Too Many Accounts on Instagram?

If you continue to manually unfollow users, you risk being temporarily barred from using some features.

However, if you continue to use third-party software to unfollow users, this temporary ban could turn into a permanent one.

When you are unable to unfollow any more accounts, you will know you have used up your allotted account unfollowing credits.

Simply put, the unfollow option is useless.

However, you might experience trouble logging in or see a popup indicating access denied if your account is subject to a permanent or temporary ban.

Other Instagram Limitations

Instagram has placed other restrictions on users in addition to the prohibition on unfollowing.

Instagram also sets a cap on the quantity of likes, comments, hashtags, stories, and any other actions that indicate strange behavior in order to maintain the platform’s integrity.


You can typically like between 300 and 500 posts per day.

The ability to like additional pictures may be restricted if you go over the allotted amount.

Prior to these restrictions, the majority of Instagram influencers used various third-party programs to use bots to gain the most likes possible.

Instagram imposed this restriction as a result to guarantee proper platform usage.

The choice worked out to be very beneficial!


Normally, you are permitted to leave 200 comments per day.

These remarks can be made on any post, at any time of the day.

Like most social media sites, Instagram prioritizes comments on posts.

The majority of spammers would use this feature to promote their posts by leaving pointless comments on their Instagram posts.

These activities ended up being the main factor behind this restriction.


One of the most effective tools for keeping up with the newest Instagram trends is hashtagging.

However, Instagram only permits users to use 30 hashtags in a single post.

Most users have been prevented from using pointless hashtags on their posts by this restriction.

Additionally becoming more intelligent, Instagram’s algorithm now favors posts with pertinent hashtags.

Users who use pointless hashtags to increase their exposure on Instagram will no longer be able to take advantage of this.

Direct Messages

Over the past few years, Instagram has consistently placed the highest priority on preventing spam messages.

Instagram has made it clear following recent updates that users who send more than 40 DMs will be flagged as spammers and may suffer repercussions.

One of the key situations that Instagram closely monitors and never hesitates to take serious action against is spamming DMs.

You might also be subject to legal action if someone reports your direct messages as having been used in harassment or cyberbullying.

Avoid spamming other people’s DMs to avoid any negative outcomes.


Can You Bypass the Unfollow Limit on Instagram?

You can prevent being blocked by Instagram by periodically unfollowing accounts. You can choose to pause unfollowing for an hour or two before starting again.

Can You Mass Unfollow People on Instagram?

By clicking the Users tab, you can see every Instagram account you follow. When you click Not followers, immediately below the Instagram followers count section (number of accounts), users who do not follow you are displayed. Click Select All, then select the Unfollow Users option to bulk-unfollow all Instagram accounts that do not follow you.

Can You Get Banned for Unfollowing Too Many People on Instagram?

Please do not mass unfollow, auto-like, or auto-comment on posts. Keep in mind that Instagram automatically detects violations, especially when users use unethical methods of logging in or employ unfollowing techniques to gain more followers. A small or unintentional mistake could result in the banning of your account. You won’t be able to connect with new Instagram users (new users) or send direct messages if your account is banned. You also won’t be able to accept new followers. The worst case scenario is that your report will result in permanent banning.


Your Instagram experience can be improved by upholding a standard of quality for your news feed and the types of engagement you get. Especially these days when social media has become synonymous with a “toxic environment,” creating a place of comfort and value online is a step that you may want to take.

Instagram accounts that don’t add anything to your Instagram experience can be unfollowed. If a user is annoying or abusive, you should unfollow them immediately. You shouldn’t feel bad if you only want to include people in your Instagram community who genuinely share your interests or beliefs.

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