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How To Turn Off Voicemail On iPhone In An Easy Step-by-step Guide?

You must be familiar with the voicemail feature if you love the iPhone. Most users of this feature can set up appointments and get in touch with their clients. Because of this, using this feature is very beneficial. When visiting a foreign country, for example, you might want to occasionally turn off your iPhone’s voicemail.

To turn off voicemail on iphone: disable voicemail forwarding with a shortcode, contact your carrier, forward calls to another number, and fill up your mailbox.

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How To Turn Off Voicemail On iPhone

Disable Voicemail Forwarding With A Shortcode

Open the Phone app on your iPhone. While contacting your carrier is the only way to permanently turn off voicemail, you might be able to do so momentarily by dialing a special code. On your iPhone’s home screen, first tap the icon for the phone receiver.Tap Keypad. It is the fourth icon from the bottom of the screen.Enter the deactivation code for voicemail. This is #004# for most Global GSM service providers.Tap the phone icon. You will see a gray screen that says “Please wait.” You will eventually see a screen with lots of text.Tap Dismiss. You can try calling yourself from another phone after running the code to see if it was successful.Call a different shortcode to reactivate your voicemail. If the previous code worked for you, you can dial *004# at any time to reactivate your voicemail.

Contact Your Carrier

Open the Phone app. On the home screen, it is represented by the green and white phone receiver icon. To turn off voicemail for your account, contact your mobile carrier directly.Call the customer service number for your carrier. You can usually reach the carrier by dialing *611 and pressing the phone receiver icon to place the call. Call the provider’s direct customer service phone number if that one doesn’t work.Request that the representative turn off your voicemail. You might need to give the representative an explanation of your reason (e.g., you’re on extended travel, you don’t use it, etc.), but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Forward Calls To Another Number

Open your iPhone’s Settings . It can be found on your home screen as the gray gear icon. You can forward incoming calls to a different phone number if you won’t be using your phone for a while or if you’re going somewhere without good mobile coverage.Scroll down and tap Phone. The setting is in the fifth group.Tap Call Forwarding. It’s near the bottom of the “CALLS” section.Slide the “Call Forwarding” switch to On . Call Forwarding is ready to be configured as long as the switch is lit up green.Tap Forward To. It is the choice next to the toggle switch.Your desired call forwarding phone number should be typed. Include the area code and, if applicable, the international calling code.Tap the Back button. It is located in the top-left corner. This saves your changes since there’s no “Save” option. Every incoming call you receive will be forwarded to this number as long as call forwarding is enabled.

Fill Up Your Mailbox

Place your iPhone in airplane mode. If none of the other techniques work to turn off your voicemail, you can simply jam your mailbox with messages to prevent anyone from leaving any more. This requires that you have access to another phone.

In order to quickly achieve your goal, start by switching your iPhone to airplane mode.
Leave voicemails until your mailbox is full.

Most providers consider a voicemail box as “full” when it has 30-40 messages. You will know you’ve left enough messages once you hear a “mailbox full” (or similar) error when trying to leave a new one.

Disable Voicemail iPhone Feature

If you are tired of the extra charges due to voicemail, here is a simple procedure listed to help you disable the voicemail on iPhone:

  1. Start by tapping on the phone icon on your iPhone’s home screen. Call the number after dialing *#62# to find your voice mailbox number. If you are good with numbers, write the number down on paper or memorize it.
  2. On your iPhone, go to the settings menu. When the menu appears, tap the phone icon to access the call forwarding section. After saving the settings, type the voice mailbox number in the box provided, and you can now leave.
  3. You can now call the number #404 by typing it into your phone’s keypad and calling to turn off voicemail on iPhone. Following that, you can try calling your voicemail box to see if there are any new messages.
  4. If you would like, you can also turn on divert call on your iPhone. Your phone will respond with “no answer” if someone tries to call you after you have turned off voicemail by dialing #61#. The 67 for user busy response number is also an option.
  5. Calling 004# will allow you to reactivate the voice mailbox feature.
How To Turn Off Voicemail On iPhone In An Easy Step-by-step Guide
How To Turn Off Voicemail On iPhone In An Easy Step-by-step Guide?

Turn Off Voicemail Password On iPhone

The available passwords are activated by default when the voicemail inbox is set up. This function is in place to shield all voicemails from prying ears. Most of the time, carriers won’t advise you to disable the passwords, but if you frequently forget your passwords, it’s usually best to do so.

You can disable the passwords and then enable them later by following the instructions below.

Step 1: Call the voicemail system first. Press and hold the first key on the iPhone keyboard. You might also think about pressing and holding the voicemail key as well.

Step 2: Enter your voicemail’s password. If prompted, enter the voicemail inbox password. You might need to reset the password first in order to continue if you’ve forgotten it.

Step 3: By skipping the section where you must listen to messages, go to the main menu. You must click the * button to complete this. The administrative options are what you should select from there.

Step 4: Pick a password option. Following the on-screen prompts, tap the key that says “turn off the password” to continue. These instructions always change depending on the carrier, so you must be attentive enough to avoid errors.

Reactivate Voicemail On iPhone

In order to re-enable voicemail, you can either consult your respective carrier’s documentation or enter the specific code of your provider in the “phone” app and tap the call button:

  • AT&T: ##004#
  • T-Mobile: ##004#
  • Verizon: *73 (try *900 and then *920 if it doesn’t work)
  • US Cellular: *920
  • Sprint: *730

Alternatively you can also call your carrier’s customer service by the following phone numbers:

  • T-Mobile: 1-877-453-1304
  • Verizon: 1-800-922-0204
  • AT&T: 1-800-331-0500
  • Sprint: 888-211-4727

You can dial *611 from your iPhone or any other device as well to get help concerning this matter


It is a good idea to confirm for yourself that it has been done after using one of the many methods to deactivate the voicemail feature on your iPhone.

To test your phone, call it from a different phone or ask a friend to do it for you. Wait to see if the caller is asked to leave a message before picking up the phone. You’ll know you’ve successfully deleted your voicemail from your iPhone if the voicemail option isn’t there.

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