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Is TruGreen Safe For Dogs? A Complete Explanation

To start with, is TruGreen safe for dogs?

Dogs should avoid TruGreen. Dogs and the environment are both harmed by the toxic chemicals that TruGreen uses, which in some cases can result in fatalities or serious health issues. Among these hazardous chemicals are 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, an herbicide, glyphosate, the main ingredient in weed killer, and Dicamba, an herbicide.

Prior to them visiting again, it would be wise to find a different company if you have a dog on your lawn.

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What Is TruGreen?

There are a lot of large businesses that provide pest control services to get rid of the bugs in your yard, among them TruGreen. They provide natural, chemical-free pest control that will get rid of the bugs without contaminating your yard with dangerous chemicals that could endanger you or your pets. Sure it sounds like a great idea until they start killing everything!

Pest control services are provided by a number of businesses, including TruGreen. They all undoubtedly assert that they are secure and benign, but the likelihood is too high. Don’t you think it would be better to hire an organic lawn service if your dog or cat gets poisoned since they are a member of your family?

Does TruGreen Harm Dogs?

The largest provider of lawn care services in the country, TruGreen ChemLawn, serves about 3.4 million residential and commercial clients and is active in 46 states. For both humans and animals, their products are toxic.

Use Of Hazardous Chemicals By TruGreen

When TruGreen uses chemicals that kill everything in their path, including your pets, it’s difficult to believe that they are “safe and effective.” There are a number of reports of dogs and cats dying after receiving TruGreen treatment, so the evidence may already be available online.

Is it true that these businesses are utilizing hazardous chemicals? I’m not familiar with TruGreen, but when you search for “TruGreen lawn care,” you’ll find several pages of results that say their products are poisonous. When you treat your yard to kill bugs, dangerous chemicals will remain on the trees and grass, which could have a serious negative impact on your health. Because the chemicals are odorless and sometimes difficult to see, your pets may breathe them in without your knowledge.

Can Dogs Use TruGreen Lawn Care Products?

However, there have been so many reports of dogs dying or becoming ill as a result of TruGreen treatments that I would be wary of hiring them despite their claims to use natural and organic products. Try hiring a seasoned organic lawn service that can apply their products without destroying everything in sight if you really want to save money and keep your pets safe.

There are several harmful ingredients for dogs used in TruGreen’s treatment including:

  • 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (a herbicide)
  • Dicamba
  • Glyphosate

Numerous illnesses, including cancer, skin rashes, seizures, liver failure, and many others, can be brought on by these chemicals. The most typical side effect is skin irritation, which can happen after your dog walks on the treated grass.

Hire a professional organic lawn service that can get rid of the bugs without poisoning your pets if you are worried about your dog’s health.

There are a number of alternatives to the TruGreen treatment. I looked online and discovered numerous all-natural ways to get rid of insects, including:

Using natural remedies like lavender, peppermint, and orange (you can make your own spray at home) and insect repellent (treat yourself and get rid of the bugs). You can also purchase “bug zappers” or “insect traps” for the bugs if they are eating too many of your plants. To get rid of the bugs, you can throw them away or use a bug bomb (not advised).

How Soon After A Lawn Treatment Can Pets Be Left Alone?

How to Protect Your Pet from Pesticides on the Lawn. If you believe that using pesticides on your lawn is your only option, the only thing you can do to protect your pet is to keep it off your lawn for at least 48 hours following the lawn treatment.

How Long After Fertilizing My Lawn Should I Keep My Dog Off Of It?

24-72 hoursWhen a Dogs & Other Pets Can Play on Fertilized Lawns Just like kids, dogs and other animals like to run around on the grass. However, it’s also recommended to restrict their use of the lawn for 24 to 72 hours after fertilizing.

Do Dogs Suffer From Lawn Treatments?

Herbicides are found in the urine of dogs who have been exposed to lawn chemicals. Also present are graver worries: according to a recent study published in the journal According to environmental research, dogs who are exposed to lawns that have been sprayed with herbicides are more likely to develop bladder cancer.

A Dog Uses TruGreen For How Long?

When can people with pets and families go back to the serviced areas? Following a service, TruGreen advises clients to wait until the application has dried before allowing their families and pets to use the lawns once more. The drying procedure typically takes between one and two hours, depending on the weather.

Is TruGreen A Good Investment?

We rate TruGreen 97 out of 100 overall. It is, in our opinion, the best lawn care business in the sector. With five different lawn care programs to choose from and availability in 49 states, TruGreen gives customers flexibility.

Is TruGreen Safe For Dogs A Complete Explanation
Is TruGreen Safe For Dogs? A Complete Explanation

Can Dog Fertilizer Cause Their Death?

Ingestion of lawn fertilizers can be harmful to dogs, depending on the dosage. However, if your dog eats a lot of it, symptoms like abdominal pain, drooling, vomiting, difficulty breathing, discolored gums, cardiac arrest, bowel obstruction, and liver or pancreas inflammation could occur. Maybe you will be interested in How To Move A Gun Safe?

How Long Should I Let My Lawn Soak In Water After Fertilizing?

How long should your lawn be watered after fertilizing?Approximately 20 minutes. While it’s important to thoroughly moisten the soil and fertilizer, avoid overwatering to the point where puddles start to form. It should be sufficient for around 20 minutes.

When Dried, Is Roundup Secure For Canines?

When using herbicides, keep your dogs inside with their food bowls, chew toys, and other items they might ingest. Make sure they remain there until the treated area is completely dry. Once the chemical has dried and reached the plant’s roots, the lawn is regarded as dog-safe.


Canines Are The TruGreen Lawn Care Product Harmful?

TruGreen With approximately 3.4 million residential and commercial clients, ChemLawn is the top provider of lawn care services in the United States, operating in 46 states. For both humans and animals, their products are toxic. For the entire response, click.

Which Fertilizers Are Safe For Dogs To Use On Lawns?

The GreenView Turf Nurture Natural Base Lawn Fertilizer (2756714) is a rich source of organic and natural components that will give your lawn the boost it needs while protecting your pets. It has no harmful chemicals and 70% slow-release nitrogen. Spring, summer, and fall are the best times to apply the granules to any type of grass.

The End

Although TruGreen might make you feel more secure about dealing with bugs in your own backyard, the risk is not worth it. Many businesses, including TruGreen, use dangerous chemicals, but we must learn from their errors and find a safer way to keep bugs out of our homes and families.

In order to fertilize and care for your property, TruGreen uses chemicals. Use caution when using this service if you have pets, such as dogs or cats, as the poisonous fertilizer pellets could cause them to die.

Finally, I want to thank you for reading.